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Andrew Piepenbrink

Interaction | Electronics | Percussion

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Synthesizer on a Business Card
(PCB Design and Assembly, C++)

A fully functional percussion synthesizer on a business card, incorporating motion sensing, battery management, and amplification.

WDCH Dreams Audio Browser

with Parag K. Mital for Refik Anadol Studios, Google Arts + Culture, and the LA Philharmonic
(C++, openFrameworks, machine learning)

A compositional tool developed for the WDCH Dreams project, enabling rapid browsing of very large corpora of audio data (~3.8 million grains), analyzed via machine listening models and projected into a navigable 3-dimensional space.


Research+Practice Fellowship at CalArts
(C++, Objective-C, audio signal processing)

Summer 2017 fellowship working on Auraglyph, an infinite modular sketchpad for the iPad. Contributed a number of new audio effect classes to the existing unit generator collection of the app, added MIDI functionality, debugged and tested experimental features.


On-the-fly Corpus-based Granular Synthesizer
(C++, openFrameworks)

An iPad app which automatically segments and analyzes grains from an incoming audio stream. Timbral descriptors are projected into a low-dimensional space to enable intuitive access to the corpus.


Plucked String Synthesis Particle System
(Swift, 3D Touch)

A mobile app which turns fingertip touches into gravitational attractors in a particle system. Impacting particles excite plucked string models attached to each touch. Touch force is mapped to mass, allowing pressure to influence particle motion and audio dynamics.

Feedback in the AlloSphere

Mixing Interface
for UCSB CREATE Ensemble
(JavaScript, MaxMSP)

iPad-based interface using Interface.js to mix and spatialize audio from six performers in the AlloSphere audiovisual environment. Developed for a performance of Ensemble Feedback Networks by the CREATE Ensemble.

Embedded Digital Shakers

Handheld Percussion using Microcontrollers
(C++, interaction design, audio synthesis)

A family of self-contained, battery-powered synthesizers modeling various shakers, rattles, and other handheld percussion. Beyond modeling existing shakers, the instrument affords new sonic interactions including hand mutes and self-sustaining feedback. Presented at NIME 2018.

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